For Students and Faculty Managing Students

Am I, as a pregnant/parenting student, protected? How?

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex – this includes discrimination against pregnant and parenting students.

What are some accommodations available to me?

Reasonable accommodations can include, for example (the following is a non-exhaustive list):

  • A larger desk
  • Breaks, as needed, during class
  • Flexible assignment/testing schedule
  • Excused absences due to pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions
  • Alternative assignments to account for those missed
  • Excused absences for parenting students who need to take care of their sick children
  • Reasonable time for nursing and access to lactation rooms
If I need accommodations, how do I ask for them?

While it is up to each individual faculty member to determine reasonable accommodations for their learning environment, we can help! By completing this Pregnant/Parenting Accommodation Request Form, the Dean of Students and/or Title IX Offices can assist you with determining options that may be available to you based on your personal circumstances and what to communicate with your faculty based on your needs.

Am I required to tell anyone about my pregnancy or parenting status?

Students are NOT required to inform faculty, staff, or any other employee about their pregnancy or parenting status – unless they are seeking accommodations. The disclosure of pregnancy or parenting status is a voluntary one and something the University wants to encourage if you need University support.

What do I do if a student tells me they’re pregnant/parenting?

Lend a listening ear, ask if they need accommodations and if they’ve already spoken to the Dean of Students Office. If they haven’t spoken to the Dean of Students Office – help make the connection for them.

What do I do if a student tells me they need to miss class due to delivery and/or a pregnancy related condition?

The University excuses all medically necessary absences for pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery – this includes doctor appointments. These requirements are prescribed, specifically, via Title IX and are reflected in the University’s Title IX Policy. Faculty members should excuse those absences deemed medically necessary by the appropriate medical professional. Students who seek support from the Dean of Students Office may request a letter be sent to their faculty to confirm they are receiving support from the Dean of Students Office. 

Can I, as a faculty/staff member, ask a student to prove they’re pregnant or provide a doctor’s note?

No – faculty/staff cannot ask for documentation. However, you can connect the student to the Dean of Students Office so they can receive support and guidance and the Dean of Students and/or Title IX Offices can follow up with you.